The Secure Software Lifecyle (Secure SLC) Assessor course provides instruction on how to perform assessments of entities in accordance with the Secure Software Lifecycle (Secure SLC) Requirements and Assessment Procedures (PCI Secure SLC Standard). This training will provide you with an understanding of the requirements with corresponding assessment procedures and guidance for payment software vendors to design, develop, and maintain secure payment software throughout the software lifecycle.

Now Available in eLearning Format:
We are now offering both the training and the exam online for Secure SLC certification. These classes will be delivered via computer-based training and instructor-led session on 16 February and 18 May. The exam will be delivered remotely using a proctoring service. 

Important information:
Please be aware that these are the ONLY instructor-led classes being offered before the PA-DSS deadline in June for new payment application validations. Take advantage of these upcoming classes to get your team trained before the deadline.

Registration for the 16 February and 18 May classes is now open!

For those interested in taking Secure SLC training via eLearning, more information and instructions will be provided about the exam upon registration.

Requirements for a remote proctored exam include:

  1. Quiet, private location
  2. Reliable device with a webcam
  3. Strong internet connection 

For more information about enrolling, please contact us at: administration@pcisecuritystandards.org.

Note: This class is available for certification or you may take this class for informational purposes. Informational training is for individuals who would like to increase their knowledge but do not necessarily need to achieve certification. This training is a great fit for any individual who may want to understand what the standard and program entail, what to expect from an assessment, but who does not need or want to certify as an assessor for that program.

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